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Book Cover of Escaping First Contact

Escaping First Contact - The Burnt Ship Book One

At the far edge of cultivated space, a derelict ship rests. Ten times larger than the biggest Terran dreadnaught, the ship is not recognized by any of the five species tenuously coexisting in the galaxy.

Small crews are sent to investigate. What they find is a trap.

Once in the metal labyrinth’s clutches, it is clear the unlikely allies will not escape unless they can work together as a team.  Unfortunately, trust and cooperation are entirely out of the question.  

An immersive tale of escape and comradery, Escaping First Contact brings together an unforgettable cast of characters, richly detailed alien cultures, deft humour, and explosive action. 

Cover art by Jon Stubbington 

"Fantastic world building, believable aliens and lots of snappy action. T.S. Beier is on her way up!"             
                             - S.D. Perry, author of Aliens vs. Predator: Prey, Aliens vs. 

                                           Predator: War, and the Resident Evil novel series.

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"Finally, a book where the aliens are actually... alien.
I enjoyed the uniqueness of this non-Earth centric sci fi novel. It was refreshing to have so much of the story told from the perspective of the different aliens who do not necessarily hold the same beliefs as humans. Along those lines, the author brought in an authentic conversation of diversity by showcasing the diversity of alien races, who all held different social, political, and gender norms. So often I see science fiction place human values on other species so it was great to see an author take the opposite approach. 

In terms of the plot, the story was honestly different than what I expected from the synopsis. I expected more sci fi horror, but instead the story felt more like a "slice of life" in the vein of The Wayfarer series by Becky Chambers. This novel was simply more character driven,  than suspense driven. The focus was on the aliens and the inter species interactions more than the external conflict. 

While not what I initially expected, I still appreciated a lot about this one. I would recommend it to readers looking for a diverse alien adventure."   
                                                               - The Shades of Orange (Booktube Reviewer)

"... lots of originality, some humour and even a new spin on language. Anyone who enjoys space sci-fi with plenty of detail and originality along with a message about different cultures working together will certainly enjoy this one!"

                                       - Lee Hall (Lee's Hall of Information blog, )

"If you like stories of a group of aliens becoming a team, you'll love this. It is surprisingly funny given the tense nature of the plot."

                                      - Amazon Verified Purchase review

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