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About T. S. Beier

My Writing Journey

I've been writing since I was thirteen-years-old. My first project was an egregious Game of Thrones fan-fic/rip-off called The Cost of Freedom. It exists in hardcopy only, as any floppy disks I once had are long gone (this is probably for the best). 

Since then, I have written dozens of short stories (a lot of fan fiction, which I would argue is a great place for beginning writers to practice), a fantasy epic, What Branches Grow, a sci-fi action, a hard sci-fi drama, and my upcoming space opera, The Burnt Ship Trilogy. 

Why did I decide to self-publish?

Self-publishing is definitely time-consuming and 100% terrifying. To put your work out there, without a publisher backing you up, is scary. And the learning curve is immense if you're not coming from a background in marketing. I had no idea if I was making the right choices when I first started (and I have learned so much). I'm indebted to the 2020 Women In Publishing Summit, two books in particular (Self-Published Millionaire (Joseph Alexander and Tim Pettingale) and Online Marketing for Busy Authors (Fauzia Burke)) and Shayla Raquel's book on Author Branding. Book Twitter is also, for the most part, a welcoming and helpful place. 

Overall, I'm so glad I did it. Delia and Gennero's story has been with me for so long it was hard to let it go, but I'm glad they're out in the world. I hope you like their tale too. 


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