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Editing Services

On top of writing, I'm also an editor. I worked for ten years editing non-fiction and academic work, but in the last five have switched to fiction (that's not to say I wouldn't edit a non-fiction book, of course!). 

As such, if you have a novel you need edited, please consider me! I have years of experience, plus I earned a Letter of Distinction in my Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing (which focused on narrative craft), a Certificate in Publishing (where I earned As in the editing courses), and a B.A. in English. 

You can check out my reviews on Fiverr, but if you work directly with me we'll save the 20% fee that Fiverr charges! 

My rates fluctuate between 0.012 to 0.014 per word. If you have a very complex or messy novel you want me to hone, it will cost more than if you have a lighter edit.  Reach out to me on my CONTACT page! 


"Tina is a fantastic editor- nothing misses her keen eye. I hope to work with her in the future again. In addition to doing great work it is always delivered on time if not before time which a huge bonus! Many Thanks Tina!"

"Tina really knows her stuff! She provides very detailed feedback and even suggestions that were more like a Dev edit. She was also enthusiastic about the project, which was so great!"

"Amazing experience! Amazing editor. Tina has great attention to detail - the grammar, punctuation, and story itself. She edited my entire novel quickly but with lots of care. She responded to all my questions and I'm more than satisfied with the result. I would definitely ask for her help on future projects and recommend her to others. She is an expert of her craft and very easy to talk to!" 

Recent Projects I've Worked on

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