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What Branches Grow - Tina S. Beier

Top 5 Category Finalist in the 

2020 Kindle Book Awards!

A boldly imagined, exhilarating quest through post-apocalyptic America, where human nature is torn between the violent desperation to survive and the desire to forge connection.


Thirty-five years ago, the world was ravaged by war. Delia, driven from her home in Savannah by loss, travels North in search of a future. Gennero is tortured by his violent past and devotion to his hometown. Ordered to apprehend Delia, he follows her into the post-apocalyptic landscape. The wasteland is rife with dangers for those seeking to traverse it: homicidal raiders, dictatorial leaders, mutated humans, and increasingly violent and hungry wildlife.

What Branches Grow is an unflinching depiction of life after civilization, where, above all else, trust is the hardest thing to achieve and give. The survivors have an audacious dream of a better life, but their quest may end up being a fruitless endeavour in a world openly hostile to hope.

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"What Branches Grow is like Cormac McCarthy on steroids, with a healthy dose of 'Mad Max' thrown in for good measure. Beier navigates her characters through these troubled waters, providing readers with both an adventure and some lingering questions on which to reflect. This is far from your average dystopian novel – it is a humanistic quest into personal morality and the fortitude one can uncover when hope is all that remains, for a startlingly original debut in the genre." Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

Full Review

T.S. Beier applies a deft hand to the crafting of this Post-Apocalyptic tale and showcases, again and again, a depth of perception when it comes to the human condition, human nature, and the human spirit. She manages to weave an elaborate plot brimming with tragedy but always offers just enough humour to balance the pathos.
This book will spike your adrenaline. One of the best Post-Apocalyptic stories I've read, What Branches Grow is unflinching, exciting, and moving. You will tear up. You will laugh. And you will hope for a sequel.

                                                                 Marthese Fenech 

                                       Author, The Sige of Malta Trilogy

T.S. Beier’s vision of a post-apocalyptic world is extreme in that the earth is now scorched and mainly dust. There is no rain as we know it; few trees and only the toughest of wildlife can survive. There is no national government and the remaining humans are living in communities with a variety of organizational style and ethics … What Branches Grow is very much the story of a journey rather than the destination … and is an interesting vision of how life could be like in a post-apocalyptic world, well written and with a smattering of romance.

                                      Whispering Stories  Full Review

If you're a fan of post-apocalyptic and dystopian stories it's a real must read. I couldn't put it down and I quite enjoyed her writing style. It's a real ride across what was once America as we know it ... I've read quite a bit of this genre, and it's always intriguing to see an author do something unique. While it doesn't always feel entirely new (it checks a lot of the standard elements of the genre), it still manages to feel refreshing and a lot of that comes down to her cast of characters and world-building. If you're a fan of The Road, Mad Max: Fury Road, or Blood Red Road by Moira Young, I have a feeling you'll want to try debut novel.​

4 /5 Stars

Always Me Book Blog (Lauren Stoolfire) 

Full Review

"Very suspenseful with lots of adventure and great characters"

I wasn't sure what to expect as I don't often read adventure genres, but I like dystopian fiction and thought I would give this book a try after reading the reviews. It was really good! The author managed to create characters that were multi-dimensional and unique, flawed but likeable. I appreciated the diversity and queer representation. More than the adventure romp I thought it might be, this novel forced me to question the very world we live in today while keeping me on the edge of my seat!!

5 /5 Stars

- N. Holton 

Amazon Verified Purchase Review

"The dynamic between Gennero and Delia was fascinating. At first, she wanted nothing to do with him, and then she found him an asset for her purpose. The relationship was exceptional, and I think that’s what made the story stand out. The author emphasized on the world-building and created a powerful female lead character. Her way of storytelling was descriptive and stimulating."

4 / 5 Stars 

Review Tales by Jeyran Main

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Upcoming Releases

The "Tenuous Alliance" Trilogy | Fall 2021 (Book 1) - Spring 2022 (Book 3)

The working titles are: Escaping First Contact, Build-Up To War, Dead in the Water. This trilogy is lighter in tone than What Branches Grow, taking its cues from classic space opera. What's the premise? During the aftermath of galactic conflict, two Terran marines must work with their recent reptiloid-alien enemies to escape a massive alien ship controlled by a new alien species with unfathomable intentions. These four, already at odds with one another, are joined by two more alien races: the piscine, physically weak Pir-An and the nightmarish Rips. These eight disparate people must learn to work together if they are going to survive. Snarky banter? Undoubtedly. Space battles? Oh, just a few. Weird aliens with interesting cultural and physical traits? You bet. It's like Mass Effect meets Firefly meets Alien. And that's just Book 1.

The Empty Junction Glitters in the Sun | Winter 2023

The most "literary" of my works (so far), Empty Junction is waiting for the year W.H. Auden's work enters the Public Domain (hint: 2023). Why? Each chapter of this novel takes a cue from Auden's poem sequence, The Quest. The plot centres around a small scientific expedition sent to study a ring of asteroids just outside our galaxy - these asteroids are intriguing because probes have detected a new mineral not found on Earth. What the crew finds is not what they expect. While the mystery is important, the story is focused more on the crew and the problems they are running from that follow them even out into space.

The Adventures of Panacea Nil, Bounty Hunter | Release Date Unknown (likely 2024)

This is also a working title. Panacea (clearly a codename), is a bounty hunter/assassin living in the pseudo-futuristic city of Imperium. This story is episodic in nature, following Panacea as she completes bounties and tries to keep herself sane within the criminal world she willingly entered into. It's like "Barb Wire" meets William Gibson's Neuromancer; I was inspired heavily by cyberpunk and new noir. Oh, and Sin City, of course.

The Wastes of Eternity Saga | Release Date Unknown

I'm not sure when/if this will be released. If so, it will likely be re-titled. It's 680,000 words. It's massive. I've edited it with abandon six times in the past twelve years, but whether it's worth trying to market it is the question. I think it's a lot of fun, but paying an editor for that many words? Yeeeesh.



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