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Book Reviews

The Last of Us (TV series) 

Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall 

Prepping information 

An Interview with Hugh Howey (author of Wool)

Alone (Season 9 and Frozen) 

Jurassic World: Dominion 

Apocalypse Movies for Kids

Snowpeircer, Season 3, weekly recaps and reviews

Fallout: London 

Salad Fingers

Love Death Robots

The Arc

Fallout TV Series Ghoul casting

The Expanse, Season 6

The Expanse, Season 5

Series Review: Sweet Home 

Squid Game

The Car-Maggeddon Tournament (18 battles between 20 post-apocalyptic movie cars)

Marvel's Loki, Season 1

Dads of the Apocalypse

Moms of the Apocalypse

Pacific Rim: The Black  (seasons 1 and 2)

Dogs of the Apocalypse

Top Ten Post-Apocalyptic B-Movies

The Fallout TV Series (speculation

Check out the link here to see all my pieces since Oct 20, 2020!
What it's Like to be 30 Weeks Pregnant During COVID-19
The Rights of Pregnant People have been Threatened During COVID-19
Election Woes: Balancing Reproductive Justice with Combating Climate Change
Report from the Frontlines: Toronto’s Counter-Protest to the “March for Life
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