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Nostromo Publications


Nostromo Publications is home to the creative works of Tina S. Beier, award-winning science fiction author.


Check out her My Books pages for reviews and other info about What Branches Grow and the Burnt Ship trilogy!

She's also an experienced editor (both traditional and self-publishing) who offers a detailed and meticulous line or copy edit as well as formatting for Amazon/Ingram Print and ebook.

For information about an editing project, see SERVICES.

The author standing against a wood wall. Black and White.
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Book Cover of What Branches Grow by T. S. Beier
Book Cover of Escaping First Contact by T. S. Beier
Book Cover of A Threat Revealed by T. S. Beier
Book Cover of Dead in the Water by T. S. Beier
Book Cover (in three formats) of Through the Aftermath anthlogy
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