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Past Projects

Book Reviews and Blogs

I have been an active member on Goodreads since 2010.
Follow my reviews, add me as a friend, or send me recommendations at:

Or, visit my Book Review page, where I will post reviews of new science fiction books! Some I have received through NetGalley.

I'm a contributing book reviewer for WhisperingStories

For fun, I have started a BookTube Channel, Sound and Fury Book Reviews, where I do an in-depth review and analysis of classic science fiction (1950-1995).

A list (with links, where applicable) to the freelance, ghostwriting, and volunteer writing projects I have completed.

I was an editor for five years in legal publishing and have completed two editing courses.

I have edited over 50 B.A., MA, and PhD level papers, as well as numerous cover letters and CVs.

I have proofread and edited creative writing stories and provided tactful, insightful feedback.
As a blog coordinator, I review and edit contributor pieces and also write my own politically-themed pieces.

Since 2014 I have blogged about my home renovation projects Tina & Rob's Renos.


I have written 4 novels and dozens of short stories.

This page is a list of samples, with links to the content (please note, they are not professionally edited).

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Piles of Books

"You see, I like passion, I like to be among the desperate."

Jeanette Winterson



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