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Book Reviews and Review Policy

On top of writing books, I also review them! 

Check out my Booktube Channel: Sound and Fury Book Reviews for all Book Reviews!

Starting in January 2022, this blog only includes ARCs and self-published book reviews. I receive a lot of requests for reviews. As such, I have to be picky about it. 

Use my Contact Form if you'd like me to review your self-published book.  I will post a review here, on Goodreads, my Booktube channel, and on 

Please consider my requirements:

1) You've had it professionally edited and formatted.
2) You've read my reviews of titles comparative to yours and can tell me why I would like yours. Convince me.
3) Your novel has at least TWO female characters who have dialogue and contribute to the plot in a meaningful way. Women are not set dressing. No exceptions.
4) Understand I might not get to it for 3 months - I plan out my reading schedule in advance.
5) Your novel does not have strong themes of religious awakening. Not my jam.
6) There are no gratuitous scenes of sexual violence.
7) No YA or erotica, please.

Review Policy

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